How to Safely Register iTunes Account?

With this guide, we are helping users to understand how to easily register an account on iTunes.

What is an Apple ID?

In essence, an Apple ID is your passport to Apple’s hardware and software ecosystem. This is important information that softens the interaction between you, your hardware, your software and Apple’s services.

The most obvious use you can already know is that an Apple ID is required to download the software from the Mac App Store. That is only part of its meaning. An Apple ID is used for many other things, such as activating and using iCloud, shopping at Apple’s online store, books (Genius bar and workshops) at an Apple store, accessing Apple’s support website, etc. It is used for many purposes and it is important that you know why and keep your Apple ID updated.

Best Method to Register Account at iTunes

  1. Create an Apple ID on an IOS device without a credit card
  2. Now you can easily create an Apple ID without using a credit card on your IOS device if you follow the steps below.
  3. You must make sure that you have not logged in to an Apple account or that you are leaving when you have already logged in.
  4. Go to the App Store, choose a free application that you have downloaded and press the “get” button.
  5. The download of the application will start. Next, the application requests storage for a selection of three options. To open an account, select “create new Apple ID” and choose your country.
  6. Apple now wants to see the conditions. If you are satisfied with the content, click on the contracts to continue with the process.
  7. Fill in the form by entering the email address (which will be your Apple ID), your password, your date of birth and the answers to your security questions. Make sure the email address you use is not linked to an existing Apple ID or create a new one with iCloud email and use it as your Apple ID.
  8. Next, go to the billing page. Select “None” if you do not want to add payment and enter your address.

iTunes Account Login


The Apple ID is created only when you send the email verification link to your inbox (if you use the ICloud email, it will automatically become an Apple ID without checking your email). If you can not find the email, you should check the spam folder.

After verification, log in with your new permissions, such as username and password. You should be able to log in correctly by accessing the App Store. The steps above will help you download free content from the Apple App Store. To download paid content, choose an appropriate payment method and provide information about your credit card.